Back from AdobeMAX – My Creative Soul Just Needed a Little L.A. Rain – Glad to Be Home; Creativity is The Key

Creativity Is The Key

To some up what I learned at AdobeMAX is that, Developers need Creatives and Creatives need Developers but above all else… The fusion between the two wins the day, because it is the final product that needs a soul, and that soul is what connects with an audience…. and the soul of a project is the culmination of both. The Dark and The Light, the Love and the Hate, the Ugly and the Beautiful, the Creative and the Developer, the Architect and the Oracle…

One of the speakers talked about his need to be creative but given his disability he would seek what he couldn’t do first and then capitalize on those attributes about the project.  His work was astounding while very humble.

Adobe is on the verge of realizing products that give the ability to make responsive design easier, make apps publishable by Designers, bring great power to Developers and harness the collective fusion of entire wings of creative and developer dept. that in some cases would never see the front lines of cutting edge.

– How –

Because as I will now reverse my perfect balance just a little… An “idea” has to start somewhere.  That somewhere exists in the realm of Creativity… No matter who you are or where you come from, no matter what the cause is, or how extravagant the idea is, no matter how creative you think you are… The very essence of your idea, is creative.





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