AdobeMAX Day 3 – Crunch Course Notes – Mobile Strategy Validation and Friendship

AdobeMax Day 3 was packed full of some of the best developers in the country. The courses raged from the deep inner workings of Javascript to the front line real world mobile app development of Adobe AIR to Phone GAP, Steven , Brad and I really jumped in the fire.


The owner and founder of TypeKit was there talking about how to embed fonts both locally and on the web. The strange almost unanswered questions of font distribution inside mobile apps and how the licensing works was answered by the owner of TypeKit.


We talked to the mobile developers that built the 2013 Olympic mobile apps for Android and iOS. This presentation was really rewarding and great validation for Bader Rutter’s choices in the mobile development space… These guys were long standing and famous mobile developers and they were building mobile apps exactly the same way we do, they were having the exact same problems, using the exact same work flows(well almost) and to make things even better we shook their hands smiled and made new friends.

The Adobe Edge class I took with Brad was also very rewarding and brought continued validation. The presenter was one of the original Beta developers for the Adobe Edge application, and the examples he showed were incredible, pretty advanced and adoptable. About 90% of the class was struggling to keep up but Brad and I were just marching along.

The PhoneGAP class was fairly advanced and the presenter was a developer from Blackberry’s core team. While the phoneGAP examples to me were not that all impressive he did have some good points on optimization.


By the end of the day all Steven Brad and I could say was………food……..sushi………where……..sleep…………..

Which is actually a technical term for “OMG MY BRAIN HURTS!!!”

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