Microsoft and the Mobile Universe

It’s funny when you think about all the hype out there about ANDROID and the iPhone.

Users of both ANDROID and iPhone users are quick to judge Windows Mobile as old or outdated.

Well… Yeah shes been around for over a decade. Which may at first sounds old and outdated, but under the hood is aged dependability. Windows CF is installed on everything from phones to underwater unmanned submarines.

How many .net developers do you know?

How many linux developers do you know that make android apps?
right….i hear crickets chirping

Or better yet how many C++ Cocoa developers do you know that make iPhone apps? … I hear that super dorky rich kid who was able to sneak an iPhone dev class into there daily line up.

Point being, don’t believe the hype, wait until windows mobile 7 comes out and then be the judge.  It’s really easy to come out with a new Phone operating system and point out all the flaws of a system that was originally built in, the early 90’s. when in fact the only reason there is a market for Mobile devices to date is because of Microsoft CE.