Painting With The Masters – Digital Painting on a Windows 8 tablet

Digging out old college boxes I found a completely awesome book for painting portraits amongst my Illustration stuff.  How to Paint Like The Masters…. I have painted with traditional oils for a long time…..ok….. I used to paint with oils but have not painted in years… heh.. had to clarify that.

But if you have ever painted with oils before the process… materials… medium… is very traditional…. not that this is bad, but you are quickly reminded what the masters had to deal with.  The act of painting with oils was an amazing feat back in the day and still is because like anything stepped in artistic history the masters used the tools they had at their disposal and still rocked it out.

In this day and age, an artist doesn’t have to toil, with oils, canvas, Japan dryer, layers upon layers of paint… we can simply whip out our windows 8 tablets and with an app called Fresh Paint… and a little advice from the masters… create exceptional paintings.

Well ok with out further a due here is the book I found:

Here is my process