Pinterest Inspiration and the Age of The Picture Blog

Things have become so visual on the web that the age when people wrote good wholesome readable content has almost become a thing for copy writers and serious authors.  Look at the impact Pinterest has had in the last year and we can quickly see how simply looking at a sea of images is almost like window shopping for content.  If something interests you, you click and read more.

The idea of Picture Blogging had a profound impact on me on a personal and inspirational level.  As a parent I’ve found myself without the time to transpose my journal entries into WordPress.  So because of this my blog entries were suffering.

I still write in my journal on a daily basis but like some of you— Once upon a time had a lot of time to retype my pen and paper journal entries into my blog.  The idea has crossed my mind to start digitally and write my journal into my computer first instead of writing on paper but there is part of my soul that cannot do this no matter how hard I try.  There is something about a Bic medium stick pen and paper that makes me feel like Leonardo Da Vinci in the modern age writing in a mole skin notebook.

This same idea of writing in a notebook carries over to taking raw images with a phone, or camera.  The raw moments captured while out in the world: colors, typography, strange shapes and wonderful things.
So this Blog entry I’m going to try something new.  QUICK IMAGES