A Brave New Print Magazine – The Door Has Now Been Kicked Open On Print Advertisement.

The impact on the world of print will never be the same, if this isn’t exciting for Interactive Developers and Programmers I don’t know what is. The bulkiness of the video-wafer is not exactly elegant design but…Wait until the competition starts making spin offs.

To predict the spin off devices, isn’t rocket science but it does take some mindful planning to land in the middle of the technology in order to wield and profit from it.

In order to actually have the push for technology you have to have demand for it, but in order to have demand for it you have to have benchmarks. Look at the mobile market for example. Microsoft has had Pocket PCs and Mobile phones on the market for 15 years, but the devices never appealed to the general public.

This created a benchmark and an atmosphere for competition and a demand for different products. With the advent of the iPhone we didn’t see anything new except a capitalization on previous benchmarks set forth by Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile. The lesson really learned is that as Developers and Programmers the gadgets may have evolved through out the years bringing larger hard drives, Bluetooth, wifi and faster processors but the goal has remained the same.

To take the power of desktop computers and put it in your pocket. Hence the term coined by Microsoft from the beginning the “Pocket PC”.

If you take those same principles and apply them into video screens being placed inside of print advertisement… wait until the competition gets a hold of this concept and the spin offs populate the atmosphere.

Eventually e Paper technology will become like if not functionally like a Pocket PC, which will spawn a set of new problems, ideas and concepts that try and tackle the final frontier of mobile technology:

“How can I take the power of a large screen display like e Paper and the concept of having a pocket device and blend them together?”

It is at this point when we will start to see things only movie makers have dreamed about, and technology will truly become integrated into our lives. YOU GOTTA LOVE IT.