A Momentary Break From Digital Into Theology – Is The Material Universe Evil? is The Choice of Good and Evil an Illusion?

If you take into consideration how long mankind has noodled around on what is right and wrong and come up with different conclusions then all religions look like a compilation of solutions to problems.  Problems that involve all the unknown concepts of the Universe, God, the Soul, Life’s Meaning, Who We Are. With that said mankind has an interesting relationship with our concept of Who or What God is and What Our Purpose of Existence Is.  By merely existing in action we ultimately ‘sin’ due to us not understanding the Universe, through no fault of our own, yet if we did nothing pain and suffering would also perpetuate so life of in action also ultimately causes ‘sin’.

With that said it is natural for mankind to explore and break things, test the waters and try and understand, which in turn causes a natural progression of ideas and thought.  Particle accelerators, DNA therapy, space travel eventually mankind out of necessity to master his surroundings gains knowledge about the Material Universe.

Which is an interesting situation because in doing so through natural progression brings us closer to what our interpretation of what Gods are?  By saying this I in no way attempt to disrespect anyone’s belief in God. I believe in my heart of hearts that God exists and I would expect anyone who looks at the beauty in the Universe to as well.  In fact just as the idea of our Universe changes so should  our interpretation of What or Who God is.  God represents a higher knowledge, a higher power, an attainment that is just out of our reach.

So if we cannot deny that we are “here” in this Universe.  We cannot deny the fact that we have to live, which as a by product over the course of time we attain more knowledge.  If our idea of God is something that is always out of our reach, something that requires faith and appreciation of the divine, something that we strive to be like then it would also be almost impossible to think that God would not know of mankind’s natural progression to an eventual state of God like beings.

If God must know of mankind’s natural progression of attaining more knowledge in pursuit of better understanding God, then the Material Universe which contains evil must also be part of the progression in God’s plan? Not that mankind is evil but that evil exists in the world and that mankind has a choice.

But if we know that the choice of good or evil is merely based on our surrounding environment or what has been taught in our societies, then it is also hard to understand how even the choice between good and evil on a holistic scale determines our stake in divine progression.  The Mayans of South America thought it divine committing human sacrifice, the Roman Catholic church thought it divine to burn witches at the stake, it is thought good moral judgment to fight in war to defeat oppression.

So now we get into the meat and potatoes, if the choice of good and evil is based on mere perception.  Is the very perception that we have a choice between good and evil a lie in the Material Universe?  If any action could be considered evil given the relevance of time and understanding or global point of view? Is the Whole of the Material Universe Evil? Are we in fact, in Hell?

If one answers Yes, then conclusion is very different then No.  If Yes then would not the best conclusion be to figure out why, and how to leave?  If No then wouldn’t the best conclusion be to stay?

Or If the answer is unknown and will never be know then in either case the best option is to stabilize the environment with choice that in a Utilitarian fashion made as many people happy as possible.

Hmmm was this concept the corner stone theory of a Democratic Society?