Quest to Find Great Mobile Applications

One of the greatest accomplishments the iPhone acheived was to show the world how important useful mobile applications are when used in the right context.  Pocket PC has existed for years now and so have PDA Phones.  But up until now the general public has looked at them as something only IT professionals or corporate CEOs used for world domination.  I found myself the other day using the yellow pages on my phone, in the same walk I then called the number I found ordered the so called HD antennae I was looking for and then got directions with Google Maps to go pick it up.  It was right out of a commercial, but I think what struck me the most was that, I had been doing things like this for years with my PDA, but only until now did I receive sort of a mental validation  that what I have been doing was in fact mainstream.

So I gave myself a little pat on the back, realized that I was no longer a dork, but that the whole mainstream population has now become “dorks” LOL.

or have we all just become one step closer to the Borg…

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