Heart Shaped Chocolate, Pumpkin SEO

Have you ever decorated something during the holidays?  Different colored lights, red hearts, candy bowls, window hangs you name it the concept of changing the environment to create a heightened holiday presence has probably existed since the invention of the holiday.

Essentially by changing the environment to reflect a certain holiday spirit you could say creates a higher probability that people will experience that particular holiday.

You could then hypothetically say something like if you were a lingerie store by decorating in the spirit of Valentines Day and heightening the holiday experience you would induce lingerie sales in your favor.

So if you boil the theory out of this concept it would sound something like: by tailoring our environment we raise the probability of a desired outcome…

This theory isn’t new, and you could argue that it is a fundamental human process for just about everything we do from dressing up for a date, hunting, even something trivial like the air freshener we put in our cars.

Seems pretty obvious right…? The answer is yes for the physical word… But let’s say you tried to use the same theory but in the realm of Digital, more specifically Search Engines.

Let’s say hypothetically that during the month of October you had a goal of researching possible companies to pick up your creative in 2014, but a co-worker asked you for a pumpkin pie recipe.

Your fingers before doing research type in the exciting word “pumpkin” into Google.  The expected top search results would be “Pumpkin Farms, Corn Maze, Haunted House, Pumpkin Pie”, etc. … but what if the results yielded things like “SOME CO. NAME”, “SOME CREATIVE PROJECT THEY’VE DONE”, “THE NAME OF A CLIENT” “SOME CO. NAME plans trip to charity”, “SOME CO. NAME wins Creative BMA Award”.

Would you immediately think SOME CO. NAME was a farm in rural America that was sympathetic to Halloween or would your results give you back sort of a research nirvana?

Regardless of how you answer, the search results hold true to the original boiled down concept of the theory that by tailoring our environment we raise a desired out come.

In theory by tailoring keywords on a seasonal basis right before a season hits regardless if you are in the business of selling goods to the segment of that season is a good practice to boost search engine results…