Ideas have to come quick and be executed rapidly- In the world of web 2.0

remember the days of the company article section. So many hands had to touch the copy, the manager who wrote it, the proofer who proofed it, the uploader who uploades it.

In todays Web 2.0 environment everything is light speed, hot and the corporate think tanks have already begun building your original idea. You can update the correctly built web site from a pda, write a blog with your cell phone, and high-school kids know how to wield technology way beond most people we know in our Rolodex of savvy people.

In this brave new world ideas need to be looked at, analyzed and executed as though they are hot coals

this doesn’t meant to sack quality over quantity but that the ideas will snow ball into more ideas some more profound some less profound making quality vs quantity irrelavant.