Projection Hang Glider – A Possible Geeky Way For Promotion

The other day I was driving on the highway and saw an air plane pulling one of those turn-of-the-century “Red Barron style giant banners” in the sky…

Of course no one in their right minds could see the thing driving and then I had an idea… Well I haven’t seen Red Bull do this yet…

How cool would it be to build a giant kite, or glider and build a digital projection system into it so it could project onto the kite material?  Assuming you built it correctly I’m sure you wouldn’t have the same legal a federal restriction on flying, and you wouldn’t have to worry about gas and or fuel.

The digital projector, could be strapped right behind the person steering the glider or just mounted to the kite in a way that it had distance to project onto the surface with some sort of fish eye, widescreen projection lens.

You could use something like this at Rock Concerts, Fireworks or…. just to see if your geekyness could do it.


Possible Sneak Peek of iPhone6 and iWatch/pedometer/key fob

With all the hype surrounding the Apple iPhone 6 and the fabled iWatch/Pedometer that’s coming out I thought I would give my own two cents and a little Marketing Prediction into the mix.


+ Digital Health Records in the medical industry

+ NikeFuel Band Pedometer Hype

+ Key Fob GPS tracking

+ Hot Fashion with ME bracelets


If you combine all of that into possible things that Apple has to work with the current trending device and wrist band would look like what I am sketching up…  I have not seen anything like this yet so hopefully this makes a splash.