Interaction With Jungian Archetypes – The Personification of Digital Avatars In Video Games

During the past few months I have been reading Carl Gustav Jung’s – The Red Book.  It is a very cerebral read, one created by digging deep into the mind and exploring our relationships with the world around us.  Jung explores how we deal with ideas and concepts that are very unique to the human condition, concepts that we all share but visualize slightly different.  For example we all have a Shadowy figure that represents the parts of our being that we don’t like and wish to unassociate with. Another example is the concept of Mother and Father, even though on an individual level these figures may vary we all have as humans a core set of Archetypal placeholders.

Jung also brings forth the idea that our Ego is how we visualize ourselves to the outside world and the true Self is this sort of an Archetype as well, but it is one that pertains to us, which we regularly add to and subtract from.  The Ego’s health is based on the projection ( at least this is the way I interpret Jung’s writing) of the Self and how it interacts with the unconscious mind…

Someone who is able to adventure forth through Self on a cerebral/dream like/ altered state or unconscious level interacts with a myriad of Archetypes which represent Myths, Hard to grasp Ideas, Original Thought, Problems, Etc.

I found this idea fascinating and have been thinking about it a lot.

What I find incredible about the idea of Ego projecting Self tackling big problems is it sort personifies the the very nature of Video Games?  Think about it…

1 ) “Ego” wants a sense of adventure – which could represent the initial thought or spark of unconscious dream.

2 ) You find a game that you identify with – which corresponds to the way your perception of the world could work on an unconscious level.

3 ) You pick a character that is suppose to represent you, in the digital world – this again closely resembles this concept of Jungian “Self”

4 ) you visually throw that character into hard to describe problems and situations, that may represent a host of issues in real life, some very well may test your very core or nature in dealing with things like ( Morality, Faith, Justice, Etc. )

5 ) You attempt to beat the game, and or pass the level, solve the problem – this is “Self” interacting and learning from the encounter.

6 ) When you do, or shut the game off… you return to the world/reality and you for the most part… you are different…

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Projection Hang Glider – A Possible Geeky Way For Promotion

The other day I was driving on the highway and saw an air plane pulling one of those turn-of-the-century “Red Barron style giant banners” in the sky…

Of course no one in their right minds could see the thing driving and then I had an idea… Well I haven’t seen Red Bull do this yet…

How cool would it be to build a giant kite, or glider and build a digital projection system into it so it could project onto the kite material?  Assuming you built it correctly I’m sure you wouldn’t have the same legal a federal restriction on flying, and you wouldn’t have to worry about gas and or fuel.

The digital projector, could be strapped right behind the person steering the glider or just mounted to the kite in a way that it had distance to project onto the surface with some sort of fish eye, widescreen projection lens.

You could use something like this at Rock Concerts, Fireworks or…. just to see if your geekyness could do it.