Solar Powered Dehumidifier/Distallation Cup – A Cup That Makes It’s Own Water

So I was talking with a friend of mine half a year ago, and she was explaining to me the whole conspiracy theory about the amount of Flouride in the water and how it is bad for our bodies, and how the build up over time is damaging to us.  Whether the conspiracy theory is correct or not, it made me think about the amount of water I drink in a day… It made me think about my family and the basic idea of drinking water.  I grew up walking a cup over to the sink and turning on cold water and… that was about it, cold water in abundance… So the basic idea of the water we consume in a day and the long term effect on our bodies if the water is potentially bad was sort of an opening moment for me.

It also plunged me into thinking of 3rd world countries and how even the concept of “Water” in general let alone if it’s clean or not is such a humanitarian issue that if one could come up with a way to make water out of “thin air” it would be a great act indeed.

In the same thought I had to go into my basement to clean the cat box out and sitting right infront of me was my dehumidifier…. Which of course does, just that…. it makes water out of thin air.

Well history if full of giant gymnasium size machines that are then condensed down into pocket size machines…. SO…. Why not my dehumidifier…. Which of course already exists.  You can buy small table table top water distillation devices…

but they all have one thing in common which if attempted to be used in a 3rd world country might be hard to come by….. you have to plug them in… What if you could wrap a solar cell around a cup/barrel/jug and put the heating and cooling component functionality from a standard dehumidifier in the casing, while having the drainage collect in the actual cup itself…


Solar powered dehumidifier distillation cup

A Real Star Wars Light Saber – That Should Work – In Theory…

Ok All you Star Wars Enthusiasts, I like many after watching Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back had an overwhelming urge and completely awesome inspirational moment …. Dude…. I’M GOING TO MAKE A LIGHT SABER… Which of course shortly there after, I jumped on Google and found a massive amount of Theoretical Particle Physicists , talking about the basic qualities of light and energy.  Which quickly made me realize that making one of these things wasn’t going to be easy.

But then I thought, well obviously some of the technology isn’t available yet but building a less powerful light saber shouldn’t be to hard… and when the technology becomes available like a civilian laser strong enough to cut through most objects can be acquired… with this design you’d simply swop out the better laser.

LIGHT SABER – PARTS LIST: the basic ideas




Basic idea is your trapping light between two mirrors, until you cut off the laser.  Obviously the Laser in the future would be more powerful… Obviously the motorized extender would be faster… but all-in-all from a functional prototype perspective…. DUDE IT’S A LIGHT SABER…

Interaction With Jungian Archetypes – The Personification of Digital Avatars In Video Games

During the past few months I have been reading Carl Gustav Jung’s – The Red Book.  It is a very cerebral read, one created by digging deep into the mind and exploring our relationships with the world around us.  Jung explores how we deal with ideas and concepts that are very unique to the human condition, concepts that we all share but visualize slightly different.  For example we all have a Shadowy figure that represents the parts of our being that we don’t like and wish to unassociate with. Another example is the concept of Mother and Father, even though on an individual level these figures may vary we all have as humans a core set of Archetypal placeholders.

Jung also brings forth the idea that our Ego is how we visualize ourselves to the outside world and the true Self is this sort of an Archetype as well, but it is one that pertains to us, which we regularly add to and subtract from.  The Ego’s health is based on the projection ( at least this is the way I interpret Jung’s writing) of the Self and how it interacts with the unconscious mind…

Someone who is able to adventure forth through Self on a cerebral/dream like/ altered state or unconscious level interacts with a myriad of Archetypes which represent Myths, Hard to grasp Ideas, Original Thought, Problems, Etc.

I found this idea fascinating and have been thinking about it a lot.

What I find incredible about the idea of Ego projecting Self tackling big problems is it sort personifies the the very nature of Video Games?  Think about it…

1 ) “Ego” wants a sense of adventure – which could represent the initial thought or spark of unconscious dream.

2 ) You find a game that you identify with – which corresponds to the way your perception of the world could work on an unconscious level.

3 ) You pick a character that is suppose to represent you, in the digital world – this again closely resembles this concept of Jungian “Self”

4 ) you visually throw that character into hard to describe problems and situations, that may represent a host of issues in real life, some very well may test your very core or nature in dealing with things like ( Morality, Faith, Justice, Etc. )

5 ) You attempt to beat the game, and or pass the level, solve the problem – this is “Self” interacting and learning from the encounter.

6 ) When you do, or shut the game off… you return to the world/reality and you for the most part… you are different…

Here are some Resources if You want to research further




Good Read:





New Technology – Coupled with Mobile App Development – Tony Stark IRON MAN – style

I was reading a Great GitHub post the other day for using the LeapMotion API.  I was immediately blown away by possibilities and future versions of current Mobile Apps I’m building or have built.

With a few modifications one can incorporate hands free navigation.  With a few gadgets like the 3M mobile projector, you have a very futuristic Tony Stark IRON MAN moments.

Think about mobile presentation apps, or apps that go out into a field for agriculture in which the person might not want to touch the screen because their hands are dirty or they have gloves on?

The great part is all of this is possible because the API for using this tech is actually downloadable and usable:








When you look at the technology above all of it is currently out in the market place.  The items like the Glass Holographic display plate are pretty expensive, but the 3D glasses are not, so one could imagine substituting the Holographic glass technology with 3D glasses and a 3D TV.

I think the thing that strikes me most about these ideas are they are what Sci-Fi movies have expressed for decades but we have been unable to build, and if we could build them they were by large corporations throwing millions of dollars at the project.

With the links I have posted above, and a skillful Dev team you could build these projects in house for your clients on a case by case basis OR build them in a modular fashion and have for example that iPad app you built last year reconfigured to work with gesture based navigation or large format mobile projection.



Augmented Reality & Wearable Computing With Programmable Flexible LED

This is going to be a possible Kick Starter Project… The idea is to try and put a flexible LED panel on the front of a simple T-Shirt. If it has to be detachable at this point that’s ok… it could be velcro. The display would display a QR code based on heat, like an old fashioned mood ring. The Augmented Reality app would be built for iPhone, Androids, Windows Mobile and would simply detect the QR code and show Avatar style graphics around the person wearing the T-Shirt. in the drawing I’m showing Wings on the persons back, but the possibilities are as endless a 3D artists imagination.

The great part about the (T-shirt, Flexible LED, QR code mobile viewing APP) Eco-system is it can change based on an Administration app that could be sold with the T-shirt where the user can change the Avatar style 3D graphics. The process could be similar to the personal Avatar builder for the Xbox.

What do you think?


Projection Hang Glider – A Possible Geeky Way For Promotion

The other day I was driving on the highway and saw an air plane pulling one of those turn-of-the-century “Red Barron style giant banners” in the sky…

Of course no one in their right minds could see the thing driving and then I had an idea… Well I haven’t seen Red Bull do this yet…

How cool would it be to build a giant kite, or glider and build a digital projection system into it so it could project onto the kite material?  Assuming you built it correctly I’m sure you wouldn’t have the same legal a federal restriction on flying, and you wouldn’t have to worry about gas and or fuel.

The digital projector, could be strapped right behind the person steering the glider or just mounted to the kite in a way that it had distance to project onto the surface with some sort of fish eye, widescreen projection lens.

You could use something like this at Rock Concerts, Fireworks or…. just to see if your geekyness could do it.


Possible Sneak Peek of iPhone6 and iWatch/pedometer/key fob

With all the hype surrounding the Apple iPhone 6 and the fabled iWatch/Pedometer that’s coming out I thought I would give my own two cents and a little Marketing Prediction into the mix.


+ Digital Health Records in the medical industry

+ NikeFuel Band Pedometer Hype

+ Key Fob GPS tracking

+ Hot Fashion with ME bracelets


If you combine all of that into possible things that Apple has to work with the current trending device and wrist band would look like what I am sketching up…  I have not seen anything like this yet so hopefully this makes a splash.