Distortion, Pink Elephants – Beyond the Vale?

I became really interested the other day in how we intake the world around us and the enormous part our senses play in our perceptions and experiences.  We are being saturated by our senses every waking moment so much so that we become disassociated or glossy to the finite.  Reality becomes so mundane that we forget that two people can witness something at the same time and come away from that experience having perceived something differently?  Is this because objects in reality shape shift… does a dog appear as a zebra from one person to the next? The answer is No… So how is it that two people can in fact experience different things while standing next to each other?

I started to think about objects and visual distortion, and what causes different kinds of perceptual distortion in our environment.  and how the concept and causality of gravity is attraction and how on some level our senses almost gravitate towards things that have the ability to distort the surrounding environment like the concept of gravity.

This is obvious stuff, there’s nothing new in this idea.  Advertisers have been capitalizing on this idea since the dawn of time.

If it is possible to distort perception, then could it be possible that there are experiences that are completely impossible to experience, unless certain conditions are met?  This is obviously true, so what does this really say about the physical world, and about: myth, and legends, and magic and………. unicorns?

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