Damon’s Top 4 Concepts to Know When Brain Storming A Digital Solution Project

Damon’s Top 4 Concepts to Know When Brain Storming A Digital Solution Project

This outline is an attempt to break down a typical project into the Top 4 Concepts to Know When Brain Storming a Digital Solution Project.

A Typical Project Pitch/Concept & Brain Storming With A Client

You have been presented with an eNewsletter concept. The eNewsletter is to be sent out quarterly to a Sales Force list. The eNewsletter is pretty straight forward containing basic “Hello Sales Rep” information following Company News, but the real basis for the eNewsletter is to distribute Articles to the Sales Force. The number of Articles range from 10-30 an issue possibly more. Inside each eNewsletter there will be information about each Article. The Article information is: Thumbnail, Short Description, Date, Author, Key Messages and a disclaimer message indicating whether you can use the Article in Publications.

The Client states they have done something like this before but had trouble with their IT Dept. They express their interest to keeping costs down. They say Reporting doesn’t sound like something they need, because on the last project their IT dept. used Crystal Reports but didn’t use it properly, which was more work than it was worth and a lot of hassle. They also do not specify whether they have or want hosting for the online content.

1 )The 10 x Factor… Wait… How Many?

If there is a concept, object, parameter or aspect that repeats itself more than 10 times, in any Digital Solution Project big or small, chances are there could be problems down the road if the “10 x Factor” is not handled properly.

  • What about the project is causing the repetition? Is the repetition absolutely necessary?
  • If it is absolutely necessary how much human intervention
    is needed and how much can be avoided?
  • Is this project part of an on-going campaign? In which there will be more projects involving more items of possible more repetition?
    • If Yes. Could it be possible, that if this is part of an on-going campaign that the Sales Force will want to Search the build-up of Data?
    • If No. When we are finished with the project will it, stay alive indefinitely until the stars burn out?
  • Is the Information involved in the repetition coming from someplace? Are we creating it?

2) It Has to Live Some Place… Wait…Where?

If the project involves anything online, it has to live someplace? There are Pros and Cons for Hosting projects at your company.

FACT – Your company is not a Hosting company. Therefore there are certain amenities that are very typical of competitive Hosting packages online that you cannot offer.

  • Does the Client or Account Service know this and could this lack thereof be exploited against Your company
  • Project lifetime, does it plan to live indefinitely until the stars burn out?
    • If Yes. It plans to live forever, are we getting anything in return by letting it live on your company’s Server?
    • If No. Hey maybe it should live upstairs.
    • If Unknown. My Mom let me move home after college, but she twisted my arm to know how long I would be staying if she could do it to me we can do it to the client?
  • Is the Project part of a larger campaign in which there may need to be other things hosted side by side?
    • An eNewsletter has images; the images have to live someplace online in order to show up in the eNewsletter. The Articles inside an eNewsletter that are being linked to have to live someplace online in order to be downloaded.
  • Does the project have predetermined hosting restrictions? Is the Client’s IT department controlling the final destination of the project?
  • What kind of project is it?
    • Is it Downloaded
    • Is it Watched
    • Does it have Video
    • Are you Saving any Data

3) Data Collection/Reporting… At Some Point Someone is Going to Want to Know Something About Some Project

Whether the Client or Account Service says they want Reporting/Data Collection, or not we have to plan for it as an automatic addition to the services we provide to projects big or small without question.

With the idea in mind that if the Client knew the benefits of the Reporting they we’re opting out of or turning down, they would wish/want it later. At which point if we are doing it already your company looks like heroes standing on top a gold mine of data.

Every department at your company uses Data in some way. The more Data we collect the more other departments will indirectly benefit.

FACT – “98% of All” hosting companies have Reporting as an automatic turnkey amenity of their hosting accounts. By simply hosting with an outside company we would automatically gain Reporting on a project to project basis.

  • In the current platform, does Data Collection or Reporting add to the overall cost of a project?
    • If So. We have to ask the question… Why? When Standard Reporting Mechanisms are free?
  • In the current project brain storm, is reporting possible?
    • If Yes. What type of
      Output is possible with the current reporting platform?
    • If Not. Why and what can be done to make it possible?
  • Are there any aspects of the project that could benefit from Data Collection/Reporting Does the Manager of the Sales Force want to know how many people they are reaching or what Articles are being downloaded?
    • If these questions are asked, are we going to be caught with our pants down without an answer?
  • Is there Areas or Departments inside Your company completely unrelated or related to the project at hand that would benefit from the Data Collected/Reporting?
  • By hosting everything upstairs in one place we miss out on smaller Data Collection/Reporting possibilities. If I did a report based on “VISITS” to the Sun box upstairs, the Data would be useless.
  • If I did a report based on “VISITS” to an individual hosting account with a single project hosted on it the Data would be very useful, giving a detailed account of traffic status.

4) Demystifying the Mist… If Certain Aspects of a Project Sound Strange…Chances Are…They Are Strange

If you’re brain storming on a project and the more and more you talk about it, the stranger it sounds or the more complex it gets. Chances are there is an easier way to do it, you may not have the right tools or the project has not been thought out well enough.

  • What about the project sounds hard to do?
  • What about the project is unknown?
  • Are you trying to find some solution online, to solve the problem?
    • By finding a solution online, have you solved the problem or introduced another problem that will require another solution introducing yet another problem?
  • Does the problem involve calling a Customer Service Line?

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