It’s No Wonder Why There Are Always Compatibility Issues Using Open Source, Working Inside Microsoft Infrastructures. Scare Crow and the Wizard of Oz

Does anyone remember the part in the Wizard of Oz when the Scare Crow is explaining to Dorthy what the flying monkeys did with his body parts?

When listening to Open Source developers talk about how they built their dynamic applications, it sounds like the Scare Crow… “and then I took my php file and put it over there” “and then I took my JQuery script and did this over here” ” and then i took the div layer and shoved it over there” ” Well all you have to do now is alter this giant config.php file and…”

With that said, the time hassle and pain of building a project once completed you will probably be looking at a 1 dimensional use.  If it was built for the web, then for the web it will stay.  If you built it for a desktop, chances are it’s stuck being a desktop app.  With Open Source think of it in terms of having to develop a Web Application, then having to find another Programming Language to build a Desktop Application, then having to find another Programming Language to build a Mobile Application.  With Microsoft’s .Net platform you build 1 Project and you can compile it into all of those different uses…. Sound’s Pretty Smart right?

With that it marvels me; is that developers can give Microsoft a bad rap when the only thing they focus on is infrastructure integration.

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