Demystifying Technology – Looking at Functionality on a Micro Level

(Blurb from a paper I’m writing) looking for feed back

In the very well advertised Apple commercials you see an allegorical satire of two guy’s who represent the two most widely used platforms in the world. “Hi I’m a Mac” “and I’m a PC” during these commercials the object is to justify reason for buying an Apple product.  What these commercials do very well besides being ridiculously funny, are that the commercials convey the modern computer user and the classical tinkering computer dork.  Modern computer users expect things to just-work out of the box, where in the not-long-ago distant past a computer needed tinkering hence the computer dork.

What the commercials don’t tell us is that both the Mac and PC platforms have, equally achieved it-just-works-out-of-the-box, but have taken two holistically different approaches in solving the dilemma. In the context of larger corporate infrastructures these solutions in both cases are very hard to see in action due to the highly complex environments of the corporate world.  Each corporation has different characteristics that have to be handled in different ways. Thus making how the solution is handled potentially infinite.  So the most important tool needed to, solve these problems and comprehend the solution is the ability to break apart the larger complex problems into smaller bite size parts that on a fundamental level are analogous across both Mac and PC platforms.

By looking at both approaches on a micro level we will eventually demystify how they work together or in the case of problems work against each other.

One of the easiest places to start while looking at the big picture on a Micro level is with a tool we use on a day-to-day basis.  Email has become such a ubiquitous mode of communication, that in most cases it’s used more than a phone because you can send attachments.  In this new digital age we’ve found ourselves digging through old Emails looking for that funny photo of our niece, that 2006 Tax pdf from Turbo tax, or that password from some random website that was sent as a confirmation email…  We can quickly see how on a corporate level the use of Email multiplied by even a small amount of Users could become a monstrous beast.

An attachment isn’t good to anyone if it resides in your email, likewise if you take that email and send it to someone else then they have an alternate copy of the document sent.

So you can see that it is not really the Email program that is the problem but the way that files are holistically managed, in the case of a File Server not being present or not performing efficiently enough people start to use their Email as a File Server.

Notice at this point we have not had to choose between a Mac or PC platform.

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